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Shavers and Trimmers are some of the pretty frequently used electronic gadgets used to groom oneself, and they’re pretty handy too. After all, who doesn’t want to look presentable? Electric shavers help the users to get rid of the unwanted facial hair without the risk of accidentally getting hurt. Also, unlike traditional razors, shavers helps the users avoid the hassles of feeling the burning sensation associated with using the traditional razors. This is a great benefit for people with sensitive skin. Not to mention, since these devices operate smooth there is no need for the users to use soap, shaving foams or gels and yet be assured of getting a clean and flawless shave. These devices are extremely portable and can be used almost everywhere, user can use the device at any corner of the home. They also come in handy while traveling; users can carry it around with them during their business meeting and get a clean shaved look in real quick time.
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Trimmer Price List 2019

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Latest TrimmerPrice
Philips QT4000 15 TrimmerRs. 1,984
Philips QT4011 TrimmerRs. 1,849
Philips QT4005 15 TrimmerRs. 1,449
Philips QT4001 15 TrimmerRs. 1,359
Nova NHT-1045 TrimmerRs. 279
Nova NHT-1046 TrimmerRs. 299
Philips BRT382 15 Bikini TrimmerRs. 1,710
Nova NHT 1055 TrimmerRs. 278
Nova NHT 1020 TrimmerRs. 518
Panasonic ER 207W K TrimmerRs. 1,345

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