Water Purifier Price List in India

Protect your family’s health with the latest range of water purifiers in the market. Bring home a water purifier today and breathe easy. Check out the current water purifier price after GST here to find the right model that fits in your pocket. The updated water purifier price list features 280+ models from several leading brands like Eureka Forbes, Tata Swach, Kent, Livpure, HUL and several others. Choose from RO, UV, UF or gravity purifiers depending on the groundwater quality in your area. The water purifier prices online apply to customers in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata. Other customers may incur slight changes in rates due to additional costs like shipping charges and so on. The two major styles of purifiers are in-line and offline and electrical and non-electrical. Whatever be your need, you can find the best water purifier right here. Stay protected and Stay Safe!

Water Purifier Price List 2023

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New Water Purifiers

Water Purifier Price in India

Latest Water PurifierPrice
Kent Ace Plus Mineral RO Water PurifierRs. 13,000
Livpure Pep Pro++ 7 L RO UV UF Water PurifierRs. 9,499
Kent Ace Mineral 7 Litre RO Water PurifierRs. 12,999
Kent Gold Optima 10 Litre Water PurifierRs. 1,299
HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV 10 L Water PurifierRs. 19,103
Kent Grand Plus 8 Litre Water PurifierRs. 15,800
Kent Pearl Mineral RO 8 Litre UV Water PurifierRs. 15,691
Aquaguard Superb RO UV UF 6.5 L Water PurifierRs. 16,990
Blue Star Majesto RO UV 8 L Water PurifierRs. 10,999
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus 7 Litre UV+UF Water PurifierRs. 20,550

List of Water Purifier Brands

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