Kenstar Air Cooler Price List in India

Kenstar Air Coolers are indeed the “Cooling Superstars of every home.” Available in a wide array of sizes and features, you can easily find the right air cooler from Kenstar that meets your specific requirements. One of the most preferred premium consumer brands in India, Kenstar has won the trust of millions of Indian consumers thanks to its innovative product range that delivers on performance as well as quality. When it comes to air-coolers, Snow, Turbo, Ice, Hercules, Ultra, Windy, Glamor are the popular series. While choosing an air-cooler, make sure to check the current Kenstar air cooler price list that features the latest prices of all models available on the market. To help you see how the product looks in real life, take a closer look at the product using the accompanying images. Additionally, don’t forget to check out technical specifications like water tank capacity, power requirement, motor RPM, gross weight and other features.
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Kenstar Air Cooler Price in India

Latest Kenstar Air Cooler ModelsPrice
Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50 Litre Air CoolerRs. 6,487
Kenstar Slim Line 30 Litre Air CoolerRs. 7,000
Kenstar Cyclone 12 50 Liter Air CoolerRs. 9,990
Kenstar Auster XW 50 Litre Air CoolerRs. 6,499
Kenstar Little Dx 12 Litre Air CoolerRs. 4,729
Kenstar Slim Line Super 40 Litre Air CoolerRs. 7,500
Kenstar Wondercool 60 litres Air CoolerRs. 9,799
Kenstar CL 9704C TurboCool Dx 40 Litres Air CoolerRs. 8,100
Kenstar Hercules KCIHCF1H ECT 80 Liter Air CoolerRs. 15,200
Kenstar Turbo Cool Super 60 Litre Air CoolerRs. 10,400
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