Air Cooler Price List in India

Beat the soaring summer heat with the latest air coolers in the market. Air coolers have significant advantages over air-conditioners. Not only are the air cooler prices lower compared to ACs, but they also are cost-effective to operate. Other factors like mobility, ease of use, lower electricity bills, make air coolers an excellent choice to sail through Indian summers. Air coolers mostly come in two types - Room coolers and desert coolers. Even though both of them work on the same principal - evaporation of water in the cooler to lower the temperature of the room; their main difference lies in the placement. Room coolers are usually placed inside the room and desert coolers are placed at the window. Air coolers circulate the air in the room and desert coolers suck air from outside cooling it and adding moisture to it.

Air-coolers are available in the market from prices as low as Rs. 2,600 and range all the way up to Rs. 15,000. You can choose from among the many brands like Orient, Symphony, Bajaj and Maharaja Whiteline. Below is an updated list of all Air Coolers and a price comparison that helps you buy the one that you need.

Air Cooler Price List 2020

New Air Coolers

Air Cooler Price in India

Latest Air CoolerPrice
Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litres Air CoolerRs. 5,599
Crompton Ginie 7 Litres Personal Air CoolerRs. 3,249
Bajaj Platini Torque PX97 36 Litre Personal Air CoolerRs. 5,740
Symphony Diet 50i 50 Litres Air CoolerRs. 8,900
Symphony Diet 12i Air CoolerRs. 7,196
Symphony HI Cool I 31 Litres Air CoolerRs. 8,199
Symphony Diet 22i 22 Litre Air CoolerRs. 7,210
Symphony Winter I Air CoolerRs. 13,529
Bajaj DC 2015 Icon Air CoolerRs. 9,794
Symphony Diet 8T 8 Litre Air CoolerRs. 5,295

List of Air Cooler Brands

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